Where should I mail my payment, or costume for repair?
Our mailing address is as follows:

Adorable Foxie
c/o Carissa St. Clair
PO Box 1094
St. Augustine, FL 32085

Why are the tails/accesories different prices, even though they’re the same sizes?
The pricing on the tails varies based on the types of fabric we use. We use a range of fabrics and some are inevitably going to be more expensive for us to get. Generally the more expensive an item is, the more realistic the fur is. Don’t fret! Every tail we make uses high quality faux furs that will stand the test of time with proper care.
We NEVER use real animal furs in our products. Everything on our site is 100% FAKE FUR.

How should I wash my accessories?
Leg-warmers, wrist cuffs, and most tails may be washed either by hand, or in a washing machine (preferably side-loading, without a center agitator) set to COLD WATER only. Use a mild detergent, like Woolite. Allow to air dry. Do not put fake fur in the dryer, ever! Heat from a dryer can melt the fur fibers and there is no way to undo this damage! We are not responsible for heat damage to fur due to negligent washing.

I need a repair. What should I do?
We stand behind our work. Sometimes, however, accidents happen! You have a 30-day warranty for any manufacturing defects, that begins upon receipt of your costume. This means, if a seam pops or something else goes wrong that is due to a mistake in manufacture, we can repair it for you for free. Notify us immediately so we can arrange for you to return your accessories and make the necessary adjustments. If something happens that is not a manufacturing defect (as an example, you accidentally tear the fabric – not a seam – while wearing the costume) let us know and we can either instruct you on how to repair the costume, if you are so inclined, or we will accept the piece for repair at an hourly rate.
If you have already worn your costume (for example, to a convention, but you need adjustments made) please be sure to wash your costume as described above, before mailing it to us. We will not work on a dirty costume.
Please be aware that if you make any adjustments or changes to your costume without prior authorization/suggestion from us, your warranty will be considered void. This includes adding or changing markings or features. Please discuss it with us first, to avoid canceling out your warranty.

How often do you open for fursuit commissions?
As of 2012, I am no longer taking on fursuit commission work. My husband and I have started a family, and as such I cannot reliably offer a reasonable turnaround time on fursuits. I may still make pre- made suits to be available for auction, but will not be taking custom requests until further notice.

I’m looking for something specific. Can you make it for me?
Chances are, YES! We have taken on a number of custom ears, tails, fuzzy cuffs, leg warmers, and other accessories. We’ve even made an anime frog hat! If you’re looking for something strange and specific, it never hurts to ask. Just send us an e-mail! Custom colors on tails and ears are very simple to do, and typically only take 2-3 weeks depending on the fabrics we have in-stock, and the complexity of your order. Custom orders are NOT taken during the second half of October, due to the Halloween rush.

What method(s) do you use to ship?
We ship using whatever methods will work best for our purposes. Typically, small items like tails and ears are shipped within the US via USPS. Occasionally, we will use FedEx, particularly if we need up-to-date tracking to be available – for example, if we are shipping you something to your hotel at a convention.
International shipments are sent via USPS First Class/Parcel Post or Priority Mail, depending on size and weight of the package.
International buyers: Please be aware that there may be extra fees associated with your package. When we ship your item(s), we are required to declare a value on what is inside the parcel. We do not underestimate this amount. Customs fees/duty fees may be required upon receipt of your items.

I’m under 18, but I really like your work. Can I buy something from you?
You may buy any pre-made items, yes. So, anything available on Etsy is fair game. However, unfortunately, custom items (commissioned tails/ears/etc.) are considered to be contracted work, and we do not enter into contracts with those not yet of a legal age.
We are willing to work around this if you have a parent willing to work with us as well. The parent will have to be included in all communication, including e-mails and payments received.
If it is found after the fact that you contracted work but were under the age of 18, we reserve the right to refund all but the materials deposit, if applicable, and cancel the commission. If you have already received your item(s), they no longer have a warranty and are considered to have been sold “as-is.”

Can I visit your workshop? Can I pick up my order?
Orders can only be picked up if we (or one of our friends/associates) are attending a convention or other gathering. Since we live where we work, and our privacy is important to us, we do not allow customers to visit.